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HVAC Zoning Systems in Ellicott City, MD

In a typical HVAC system, there is only one large zone, consisting of the entire home. A single thermostat controls the system, controlling the heating and cooling according to the temperatures at the thermostat’s location. This can result in rooms that are hotter or cooler than others, especially if the duct system was not properly designed. In a two-story home the upper rooms may be warmer in the winter as the heat rises, and the may become too hot in the summer as the cool air sinks to the lower levels. There is no way to reduce output in unused rooms, and doing so may actually harm the efficiency of the HVAC system or even cause system problems.

Zoning systems solve this problem by dividing the HVAC system into different areas that can be independently-controlled by their own thermostats. At Buric Heating & Air Conditioning, we sell and install zoning systems for a variety of HVAC equipment, including furnaces, central air conditioners, heat pumps, and boilers. Our HVAC experts can determine the needs of your home and HVAC system, and recommend the best components to provide the level of control you require. With over 16 years of HVAC service in the Ellicott City area, you can trust our team for all your heating and cooling needs.

Would you like more control over you HVAC system? Contact Buric Heating & Air Conditioning to see if a zoning system is right for your home!

How Do Zoning Systems Work?

In an HVAC system with air ducts, such as a furnace, central air conditioner, or heat pump, dampers are installed in the ducts for each zone, allowing the flow of air to be reduced according to the needs of the thermostat in that area. These dampers are motorized and operate automatically according to the needs of the HVAC system.

With boilers and other hydronic heating systems, independent radiators or sub-floor heating loops are installed for each zone. A motorized valve controls the flow of water to each area according to the needs of the thermostat in that zone. In both types of zoning systems, the HVAC system will continue running as long as one or more zones is requesting heating or cooling. Each zone has its own thermostat to control temperature, and a zone can be as small as a single room, or it can include several rooms.

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The Benefits of Zoning Systems for Your Ellicott City Home

Zoning systems are great for anyone who has a two-story home, has rooms that are not occupied regularly, or would simply like greater control over the temperature throughout the home. The benefits of zoning systems include:

  • Greater control over the temperature in each area of your home
  • The ability to reduce heating and cooling in unused rooms
  • The ability to maintain even temperatures from one zone to another
  • Independent controls to adjust each zone to personal tastes
  • Energy savings from reducing output in unoccupied rooms
  • Greater HVAC efficiency, performance, and comfort

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Schedule a Zoning System Installation in Ellicott City, MD

At Buric Heating & Air Conditioning, our experts can provide complete zoning system installations throughout the Elicott City area, including nearby communities in Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s County. Our zoning controls can help you save energy while improving your comfort and making your HVAC system easier to use.

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