Best Schools in Ellicott City, MD

The schools in Ellicott City are some of the best in all of Maryland. If you are planning to move to the area and wondering which neighborhood offers the best schools, we’re here to help. Below are the top schools in the city to help give you an idea of which community to settle in.

Waverly Elementary

Rated the #2 best public elementary school in Maryland by, Waverly Elementary School has some of the brightest students in the area. This is an elite school with 70 percent of students reading at grade level and 66 percent proficient at math. There are 760 total students from Pre-K to grade 5. Class sizes are small, with around 12 students per class. Waverly has a partnership with Towson University that gives the elementary school direct access to advanced teacher training and resources to ensure that the students get the best education possible.

Northfield Elementary School

Northfield Elementary School is another top public school in Ellicott City. ranked it the #4 best public elementary school in Maryland. The school has a diverse student population and highly experienced instructors committed to helping every child succeed. At least 74 percent of students excel in reading and 67 percent in math. There is robust PTA participation that has brought a range of programs to the school, including STEM, artists in residence, and wellness initiatives.

Burleigh Manor Middle School

This is the #2 best public middle school in Maryland, with 750 total students. Teachers are rated highly, the student population is diverse, and class sizes are small. The school’s goal is to provide a safe place for students to try new activities and develop their passions. High academic achievement is emphasized by the rigorous curriculum and many academic clubs offered. BMMS students compete nationally in academic bowls and STEM programs.

Patapsco Middle School

Patapsco Middle School knows that its students are at an age where their passions and potential are starting to emerge. The school does everything possible to provide students with opportunities to develop skills in critical and creative thinking. Students here excel in music, STEM, and business competitions. A wide range of clubs and programs—from literary guilds to tchoukball to outdoor education—feed their academic, creative, and athletic pursuits. No matter your child’s interests, they will find their niche here in Patapsco Middle.

Centennial High

The students and staff at Centennial High are high achieving, garnering multiple awards in a range of areas such as engineering, magazine journalism, music, science, and writing. Forty percent of students take AP exams, with 35 percent earning the highest score of 5. Centennial High is one of the most prestigious high schools in Maryland and ranked #373 in the nation (out of more than 2,500 high schools) by U.S. News & World Report.

Mount Hebron High

Mount Hebron High School is a diverse community, not just in the population but in the various programs and activities offered. High-achieving students are invited to participate in the Gifted and Talented Mentor Program, giving them the opportunity to engage in independent research under a mentor’s guidance. There are also programs available that support the needs of alternative learners. Students have their pick of over 80 different clubs in subjects such as world languages, robotics, and mock trials. The school has a strong STEM program and was recognized by the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering as a Top 25 Engineering School.