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It’s no secret that winters in Maryland can be brutally cold. For our homeowners, this means taking extra steps to ensure their home is warm and comfortable. One of the most critical parts of this process is maintaining a properly working furnace. Unfortunately, furnaces can break down at the most inconvenient times.

Buric Heating and Air Conditioning can perform your furnace maintenance in Ellicott City, MD. We have over 25 years of experience in HVAC, and we know what it takes to keep your furnace running correctly. 

If you need furnace maintenance in Ellicott City, MD, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our experienced contractors will provide expert heating services to keep your furnace running smoothly.

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What Is Included in Furnace Maintenance?

For starters, furnace maintenance is a preventive heating service that involves a thorough inspection and tune-up of your system.

You’re probably wondering, “Do I really need furnace maintenance?” Put simply, the answer is yes. In any home, the furnace is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. It provides heat during the winter and keeps the home comfortable. However, furnaces can be delicate and require regular maintenance to function correctly.

In Maryland, a well-maintained furnace is less likely to break down when you need it most—on a cold winter night. A poorly maintained furnace can break down when you need it most, leaving you without heat in the middle of a snowstorm.

Some of the things included in furnace maintenance are: 

  • Checking the furnace filter and changing it if necessary
  • Inspecting the furnace and its parts for any wear or damage
  • Cleaning the furnace and its parts
  • Adjusting the furnace settings to ensure optimal performance
  • Testing the furnace to make sure it is working properly

You should call a professional for further assistance, like us, if you notice anything unusual. We can also help with any other repairs or maintenance that might be necessary. Don’t wait until it's too late – give us a call today, and let us help you keep your furnace in top condition!

Why Should You Do Furnace Maintenance?

A furnace is one of those things you don't really think about until it stops working. But like any other appliance in your home, it needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Unfortunately, many people put off furnace maintenance until there's a problem. And while a bit of neglect may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to some significant consequences, including major HVAC repair costs. 

For starters, putting off furnace maintenance can shorten the lifespan of your furnace. Regular tune-ups help keep your furnace clean and free of debris, prolonging its life. In addition, skipping maintenance can lead to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. That's because a dirty furnace must work harder to heat your home, which uses more energy. And finally, putting off furnace maintenance can be dangerous. Well-maintained furnaces are less likely to have a problem like a gas leak, which could pose a serious health hazard.

How Often Should You Do Furnace Maintenance? 

Your furnace is an integral staple in your home, and keeping it in good working order is vital in keeping you and your family comfortable all winter. But how often should you do furnace maintenance?

At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend getting furnace maintenance at least twice a year and before the cold season. Why is that? This will ensure that your furnace is clean and in good working order, and it will also give your technician a chance to catch any potential problems before they become more significant. By scheduling maintenance, you can help prolong your furnace's life and keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long.

If you're looking for local technicians to help you with your furnace maintenance, give us a call today. We're here to help!

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As the colder months approach, making sure your furnace is in good working order is essential. After all, no one wants to be left in the cold! Many people don't realize how important it is to have their furnaces serviced and maintained. A furnace is a significant investment; like any other major appliance, it needs to be correctly cared for to function at its best.

Our qualified technicians are experienced in servicing all types and brands of furnaces, and we can help you ensure that your furnace is running safely and efficiently. Call the best furnace maintenance service in Howard County; our technicians are waiting for you. 

  • Reducing your indoor air quality
  • Making your home cold and uncomfortable
  • Possibly causing your family to get sick

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