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When the cold months roll around and the thermostat gets turned up, the moisture in the air starts to disappear, leaving you with a very dry home. It may not seem like a big deal, but dry air in your home can lead to a whole host of uncomfortable problems for you and your family, from dry skin to chapped lips to sore throats to exacerbated allergy and asthma symptoms to sleep issues and more.

Perhaps equally worse than that are the problems an overly dry environment can pose to your house itself. Anything made of wood in your home, whether it’s your flooring, your doors and doorways, your furniture, or even the framework of the house itself can be damaged when the air is too dry. Even drywall, books, artwork, and other delicate objects may be subject to the moisture-sapping effects of dry air.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for keeping your home from becoming overly dry during the winter months. A humidifier can provide the moisture your home needs to keep your family comfortable and your belongings safe from the warping, cracking, shriveling effects of dry air.

Need Help with Your Humidifier?

Buric Heating & Air offers all phases of service for your home’s humidifier system, from installation to maintenance to repair to replacement. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with just about every make and model of humidifier, and we offer live answer service, so we can provide you with the help you need when you need it. If you’re in need of humidifier installation or any of our other humidifier services, give us a call today or go online to schedule your appointment!

How Does a Humidifier Work?

Simply put, a humidifier produces moisture and distributes it around your home to combat the effects of overly dry air. The reason why this doesn’t result in everything becoming soaking wet is because the warm dry air absorbs most of that moisture. This is what’s known as humidity.

The level of humidity in the air that is considered ideal depends on the outside temperature. A humidifier can detect humidity levels in your home in order to provide you with the optimal amount of moisture in your air, which is generally somewhere between 30-50%.

Benefits of a Humidifier in Your Home

Installing a humidifier in your home can make a tremendous difference in ways you may never have even imagined. You may be dealing with discomfort, health issues, and problems with your floors, walls, and furniture that you’ve been chalking up to bad luck when in reality they can all be solved by providing your house with some much-needed moisture. Read on to learn some of the many benefits that humidifiers can offer you and your family.

Preventing Illness and Respiratory Issues

Your body is made up of 60% water, and your vital organs are composed of even more than that, so it stands to reason that breathing in extremely dry air all the time is eventually going to cause some problems. Membranes in your nose and throat which trap bacteria, viruses and all sorts of debris depend on moisture to function properly. If they become dried out, your chances of getting sick are significantly higher. A humidifier in your home can go a long way towards preventing illness in you and your family.

Protecting Your Skin

If you’ve ever noticed your skin drying out during the winter months, it’s due to the lack of moisture in the air. Itchy flaky skin, dry cracked lips, and sore irritated noses are bound to happen if your home lacks humidity. Not only that, but you may even experience joint and muscle tightness or an increase in pre-existing skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Moisturizing every night and carrying chapstick around everywhere you go isn’t enough. You need to provide moisture to your whole home with a humidifier.

Reducing Allergens

For some, seasonal allergies can be unbearable to deal with. If that’s you or someone in your family, the last thing you need is the dry air in your home exacerbating the issue. A humidifier can help to reduce the amount of allergens circulating through your home, meaning you won’t have to bear through allergy symptoms unnecessarily.

Protecting Your Home

Dry air can sap the moisture out of just about anything porous, your home included. When the winter months come and humidity levels are low, everything made of wood in your home is at risk for drying out, warping, shifting, and even cracking. This can mean your door frames, your window frames, your floorboards, and the whole framework of your home. A humidifier can keep the air in your home from sapping everything dry and creating a whole host of problems for you.

Preventing Static Electricity

This may seem like a small issue, but receiving a static shock is not exactly enjoyable, and having a house full of static electricity means you’re liable to receive one whenever you touch something metal. Dry air facilitates the buildup of static electricity, so ensuring that your home maintains a comfortable level of humidity also means less static cling and less static shock.

Saving You Money

Dry air feels colder, which means you need your heating system to work harder to keep you and your family comfortable when the house lacks moisture. Not only that but the shifting and warping effect that dry air has on wood can lead to cold air from outside finding its way in. Keeping the humidity in your home at a comfortable level means less strain on your heating system and less unwanted outdoor air which will ultimately save you money on your energy bills.

Humidifier Installation Services

Buric Heating & Air can help you through the whole process of installing a humidifier, from assessing your home to choosing a unit to get it properly installed and running. One of our technicians will be able to look at your home and determine how well a humidifier would perform, offering suggestions for improvement, and providing a recommendation for the unit best suited for you. Once the preliminary assessment is out of the way, just leave the installation process to us, and your home will be more comfortable than ever in no time at all.

Humidifier Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance for your humidifier is highly recommended to keep your unit running efficiently, prevent costly repairs, and ensure that mold and bacteria don’t grow inside the unit and spread around your home. Yes, a humidifier may help prevent health issues by providing your home with the moisture it needs, but it can also cause health issues if you don’t keep it clean. Fortunately, the simple solution to that is regular humidifier maintenance!

Your humidifier maintenance will include: 

  • Cleaning the unit inside and out
  • Clearing clogs and built up debris
  • Changing filters when necessary
  • Replacing broken or worn out parts

Paying for regularly scheduled maintenance will not only help you avoid expensive repairs and untimely breakdowns, it will lengthen the lifespan of your humidifier altogether!

Humidifier Repair

Not all issues can be prevented with regular humidifier maintenance. When your unit is in need of repairs, we’ve got you covered. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with most makes and models of whole-home humidifiers. They’ll be able to assess the situation and offer a rapid solution.

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