Boiler Repair in Ellicott City, MD

Boilers, even when properly maintained, break down. When this day arrives, the property owner must call for boiler repair in Ellicott City, MD. This is one unit that the average person cannot work on themselves.

Don’t trust this task to just anyone. Call Buric Heating and Air to have the best, local HVAC technician work on this unit and know they do the work right the first time. What should every person know about boiler repair today?

Traditional Boilers

People often refer to traditional boilers as heat-only boilers because their sole purpose is to warm a home or building. This unit comes in cylindrical form and provides heat directly to radiators in the home through the water in the tank. 

Many people choose this boiler style when they need boiler installation. However, these boilers take up space in the home, which is why a person should know of all options before making this choice. 

When to Call for Boiler Repair in Ellicott City, MD

Most homeowners get to know their boiler, although they may not realize this is the case. However, when they hear a new sound, they call for boiler repair, and the same holds when they notice an unfamiliar odor coming from the unit. 

At times, the unit may not put out enough heat or a combination boiler might not produce hot water. Over time, the system may develop a crack or leak, leading to the unit malfunctioning. 

However, many people first learn they must call for boiler repair near you when they get their energy bill. It has increased significantly, although they have not used more heat or hot water in the home. They realize something is wrong in the unit and it is time for boiler repair or replacement. 

Before choosing a new traditional boiler installation, however, the homeowner should consider all options available to them. This includes combination and system boilers. 

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers heat both the home and water for the residence. This water comes directly from the cold mains, which ensures a person always has access to hot water immediately. 

Many people prefer this option, as they don’t want a tank in the home. The heat comes from a unit that hangs on a wall in the residence. They have more floor space as a result, and this type of boiler requires less maintenance. 

Talk with a company specializing in boiler installation to determine if this is the right option for the home. Those with low water pressure or poor flow rates will need to choose another option. 

Common Problems Seen with Boilers in Ellicott City

There are several reasons a person might need to call for Boiler Repair in Ellicott City, MD. Thermostat problems often lead to the need for a repair, or the owner might have a problem with the boiler pressure. 

Broken diaphragms and airlocks or malfunctioning valves may also cause the boiler to break down. Call for heating and cooling services in these situations. 

A condensate pipe may freeze and lead to the need for heater repair, or the owner could find the pilot light won’t stay lit. These are only a few of the countless situations an HVAC tech may encounter when completing a boiler repair in Ellicott City, and there are many others. 

System Boilers

System boilers are the modern version of traditional boilers, and they have many benefits over traditional versions. These units take up less space, yet can provide hot water for large households on demand. 

These units are very reliable, so manufacturers provide attractive warranties. However, the unit must have adequate water pressure to offer these benefits. 

Why Call Buric Heating and Air for Boiler Repair in Ellicott City, MD?

If a person finds they need boiler repair, the only company to call is Buric Heating and Air. Our expert technicians provide reliable repair and installation services for residents in and around Ellicott City. They have experience working on popular brands and models of boilers and undergo NATE certification to ensure this is the case. 

When a property owner calls us, they know we will arrive on time and provide honest, upfront pricing on any job we do. In addition, we provide free quotes for new installations and will help each client find the right system for their needs.

With our professional installation and repair services, clients know they will have a reliable and efficient boiler. We also help clients in need of boiler maintenance, as we want to ensure their unit is up and running when they need it most. Our team provides a range of services to ensure this is the case. 

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