Furnace Repair in Bethesda, MD

As anyone who has lived in the area for more than a few months can attest, the winter nights in Bethesda can get pretty cold. When your thermometer drops below zero, the last thing you want is to deal with a furnace failure. While we can't change the weather, we do provide prompt, effective furnace repairs in Bethesda, MD. 

When you find yourself in need of heater repairs, don't panic. Give Buric Heating and Air Conditioning a call. We know how serious a furnace failure can be and offer prompt service to homeowners across the Bethesda area.

Common Heating System Problems

The good news if you need furnace repair near Bethesda is that the majority of our service calls aren't for units broken beyond repair. There are some common issues that we see all the time, and most of them are easy to fix. These issues include:

Dirty Filters

There's a reason we suggest changing your filters according to schedule. When they get dirty, air filters become clogged and prevent proper airflow. This, in turn, makes it harder for your furnace to work as intended. If you let this issue go on for too long, it can cause lasting damage, but if you've just noticed that your heating system is no longer working as well as it used to, try changing out the filters before calling for furnace repair near you.

Ductwork Issues

Your home's ductwork is an essential part of its HVAC system. If the ducts can't route heated air efficiently throughout the home, your furnace won't be able to keep up with demand efficiently and effectively. Common problems with ductwork include lack of maintenance, leaks, poor design, and improper installation.

Incorrect Thermostat Programming

Modern, programmable thermostats have changed the way we think about indoor comfort. Unfortunately, programmable and smart thermostats are also more complicated to operate than traditional models. Incorrect thermostat programming can cause all kinds of furnace issues, but don't worry. Whether that's the problem or not, one of our expert HVAC technicians will get to the bottom of it.

Lack of Professional Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid the need for frequent HVAC repairs is to schedule annual maintenance visits. This approach allows you to be proactive instead of reactive. Instead of waiting until your furnace breaks down, then calling a contractor, you can identify potential problems before they even start with the help of our local service team. Tuning up your furnace every year and replacing worn parts before they give out can help to prevent some very costly repairs.

How Regular HVAC Maintenance Reduces the Need for Furnace Repair in Bethesda, MD

When most people start looking up "heating and air conditioning near me," they're doing so because the furnace is already on the fritz. Instead of taking this common but costly approach, we recommend calling to schedule professional HVAC maintenance at least once a year. It's the best way to catch problems early while they're still easy to fix.

Scheduling routine professional maintenance and inspections doesn't just help to reduce the chances of a mid-winter furnace failure. It also gives us the chance to tune everything up and make sure your heating system is operating at peak efficiency, saving you money on monthly energy bills. Plus, regular maintenance can extend the usable lifespan of your unit.

Gas Fireplace Services

Gas-powered fireplaces don't just keep homes warm in the winter. They also provide a unique ambiance that can only be matched by messier and more difficult-to-manage wood fires. Like any heating appliance, though, they can wind up in need of repairs. Be sure to let our team know if you need gas fireplace services in addition to furnace repairs.

Emergency Repairs

We know that furnace breakdowns don't happen according to any kind of regular schedule. It's actually more likely that your furnace will break down in the middle of the coldest night of the year because of the extra strain it faces trying to keep up with demand. That's why we offer 24-hour emergency services to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the year.

Call to Schedule Furnace Repairs in Bethesda, MD

When you need furnace repairs in Bethesda, MD, you can't afford to wait. Call our team of experts to get help with all of your heating needs. We're available 24 hours a day, every day, so don't hesitate. Get in touch today to schedule furnace repairs, maintenance, or replacement, and don't forget to ask about our other HVAC services.

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