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Residents of Chevy Chase need some way to keep warm in the winter. Whether heat is supplied with a furnace, stove, boiler, or heat pump, the warmth from these appliances provides more than just a comfort to homeowners. It can become a necessity for surviving the harshest of nights.

One way to ensure a safe and warm winter this year is to have your heating appliance inspected for potential repairs before they cause any breakdowns later in winter. Buric Heating and Air are ready to provide you with reliable and expert service for any of your heating maintenance, repair, or replacement needs.

Heating Services

No matter how well a homeowner upkeeps their heating appliance, it will need an eventual replacement. Regular tune-ups and maintenance can help these appliances last as long as possible before a replacement becomes necessary. The trained and professional technicians at Buric will expertly inspect any type of heating appliance, alert a homeowner to repair needs, and explain replacement options when the time comes. See more about our heating services below.


Yearly inspections from a Buric expert will help furnaces uphold a lifespan of about 20 years, heat pumps an average of 15 years, and keep residents safe while using their fireplace inserts or stoves for 15 to 20 years each. All of these heating appliances do require regular maintenance to maintain safety measures, keep efficiency at a maximum, and protect parts from wearing out too quickly.

During an annual tune-up, a skilled technician will perform a thorough inspection of internal parts, clean appropriate mechanics, and perform any minor repairs to help keep the heating appliance running at peak performance. Contact Buric for your next annual tune-up for reliable and affordable heater maintenance near you.


While regular maintenance can help prevent major repairs, sometimes repairs are unavoidable. Certain types of repairs, such as motor replacement, aren’t worth repairing if the unit is already nearing the end of its lifespan. A professional technician can walk you through what makes more financial sense in the long run before repair or replacement occurs.

You may need to repair your unit if you start to notice abnormally high energy costs, there is poor airflow from the vents, your unit is making strange noises, or your unit simply won’t turn on. Some repairs are simple and inexpensive. Parts just wear out over time and need replacing. When repairs are extensive or will be more than half the cost of the unit itself, it may be time to update to a newer model.

Replacement and Installation

When you need to replace your heating appliance, Buric experts can show you different options that will work for your home and your family’s needs. Perhaps you want a more energy-efficient system or you want to switch from a heat pump to an HVAC with ducts. Whatever your preferences, we can provide you with an estimate and expectations on how extensive the replacement work will be for your home.

If you have recently built an addition to your home, your heating appliance may no longer be sufficient for the new square footage of your home. Your appliance may be overworked and wear out more quickly if it is not designed to handle the load. A Buric professional can take measurements and suggest the best models and sizes of heating appliances for your home.

Emergency Repair

When it comes to heating, some repairs can’t wait until the next day or next week. On a frigidly cold night, heating is not just a luxury but a necessity. When your heating appliances break down, whether it’s during business hours or not, Buric has got your back. Our 24-hour emergency heating services are ready to assist any Chevy Chase family in need. Don’t hesitate to call us when your furnace, heat pump, boiler, or ductless system goes out in the middle of the night. We will be there!

If you need 24-hour heating repair or furnace maintenance, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today at (410) 480-0394! We are your trusted furnace service company in Chevy Chase!