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Furnace Repair in Chevy Chase, MD


Is your furnace ready for cold temperatures? Nobody knows when winter will arrive in Maryland. Some years it remains comfortable until January. Other years, the cold weather strikes in October or November. You need to be prepared for cold temperatures regardless of when they hit. 


Buric Heating and Air Conditioning is here to ensure your furnace remains in good working order. Call us, and we will send a local service contractor to the home to inspect the unit. If a furnace repair in Chevy Chase, MD is needed, our technician will take care of it. This provides you with peace of mind, as you know the furnace is ready for anything. 


Are you looking for a dependable furnace repair company near Chevy Chase, MD? The team of expert HVAC technicians at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning provides tested and true HVAC solutions to improve your furnace. Call us today, at (410) 883-5767 or at (301) 835-2735 for your scheduled or emergency furnace services.


Regular Maintenance


This inspection should be part of a regular furnace maintenance program. With regular inspections, you’ll find you avoid the need for a major furnace repair near you. The system will operate more efficiently and the unit lasts longer.


You’ll appreciate how quiet the furnace is when it is on. In addition, the air you breathe in the home will be cleaner. If the technician finds you need a furnace repair in Chevy Chase, MD, we can help. 


Common Problems That Lead to the Need for Furnace Repair in Chevy Chase, MD


Many things can lead to the need for a furnace repair near Chevy Chase. The following problems are ones we frequently encounter when a customer calls us for heater repair. 


Clogged and Dirty Filters


Dirty and clogged filters cause the furnace to work harder to heat the home, which means the unit experiences more wear and tear. The dirty and clogged filters restrict airflow within the unit, and the home may never reach the desired temperature. 


The air circulating throughout the home is also dirty, and this can lead to health problems for you and your loved ones. If you have pets in your home or smoke, you likely need to clean or replace the filters more often. The same holds if you have allergies or use a lot of aerosol products. 


Talk with our technician when they come to do this inspection or complete an HVAC repair. They will make recommendations on which filters to use and how often to replace them based on what they see during this visit. 


Ductwork Problems


The HVAC ductwork distributes warm air throughout the home. Any problems within the ductwork will be felt in the home. For instance, leaks lead to warm air escaping the system before it reaches the intended location. However, this is only one issue you may have with your ductwork. 


The ductwork in the home might be poorly designed, which means it won’t distribute warm air evenly throughout the home. You might find the ductwork wasn’t properly installed initially, and this improper installation causes the problems you are experiencing. We employ the best technicians, so they will be happy to correct these problems and more. 


Dirty ducts and inadequate airflow are two additional problems we frequently encounter. Registered grills that weren’t properly sealed are another. We check your entire ductwork system to find all problems and fix them. 

Inadequate Maintenance


Your furnace must be maintained to function properly. Don’t ignore it, as doing so could have you searching for a company that specializes in heating and air conditioning near me in the middle of the night when the furnace fails. 


It is easy to ignore the furnace until problems arise. However, the repairs can then be costly. By having the system regularly maintained, you reduce the risk of needing repairs. Furthermore, your home will remain at a comfortable temperature. 


A Malfunctioning Thermostat


The problem may not actually be your HVAC system. The thermostat controls the temperature in the home. When it malfunctions, the home won’t reach the desired temperature. We handle all HVAC issues, including those involving the thermostat. 


The thermostat issue may be a matter of incorrect programming or its placement in the home could be the problem. Our technician will assess the situation and recommend repairs to ensure your HVAC system works correctly once again. 


Why Choose Buric Heating and Air Conditioning for Your Furnace Repair in Chevy Chase, MD?


Buric Heating and Air Conditioning’s motto is one family helping another. When you request help with your heating system, you receive personalized service. We treat you as we would our own family members. 


Furnace issues are frustrating, and you want them resolved in the shortest time possible. We understand this and work to get your furnace up and running quickly. When doing so, we provide you with upfront pricing. This allows you to know exactly how much you will pay, so you can make an informed decision regarding these repairs. 


Call us at to (410) 883-5767 or at (301) 835-2735 discuss your concerns regarding the furnace in the home. We will get you on the schedule right away. With our help, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year long. 

If you need 24-hour heating repair or furnace maintenance, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today at (410) 480-0394! We are your trusted furnace service company in Chevy Chase!