Furnace Maintenance in Columbia, MD

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Furnace Maintenance in Columbia, MD

Furnace maintenance marks the difference between a furnace that breaks down after 15 years or one that lasts 30 years before requiring a furnace replacement. The trained technicians at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning can help you properly maintain your furnace, and in some cases, even extend its lifespan. Our furnace tune-ups also address annual changes in your furnace and the best methods to improve your system performance and efficiency each year.

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How Often Should You Do Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance services should be conducted both seasonally and annually to best protect your furnace’s performance and lifespan. When you undergo regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups throughout the year, our expert team is able to catch repair needs early and help you avoid costly replacement services before they’re due.

What is Included in Furnace Maintenance?

Our furnace maintenance service in Columbia, MD, is performed by local and licensed HVAC technicians in Columbia, MD. During seasonal furnace maintenance, we can help you clean soot out of your furnace and lubricate any dry internal components. Seasonal furnace maintenance is useful for ensuring efficient heating and airflow through your home.

During an annual furnace tune-up, we will conduct a more thorough inspection of your furnace’s performance and efficiency, and we can test your indoor air quality. We offer financing through Synchrony and rotating coupons to help with your AC, furnace, or HVAC cost.

Services For Furnace Maintenance in Columbia, MD

Our services for furnace maintenance in Columbia, MD, include our furnace maintenance service, air filter changes, soot removal, annual heating tune-up, and minor HVAC repair tasks.

  • Furnace Maintenance Service: Your seasonal furnace maintenance service is a vital component in your furnace’s lifespan and indoor air quality. While indoor air quality tests are typically performed during an annual furnace service, replacing dirty air filters and cleaning your furnace at the start of each season sets you up for success and keeps clean air in your home’s circulation. Regular furnace maintenance is especially vital in homes with pets, newborns, elderly family, or immune compromised people.
  • Air Filter Changes: Air filter changes are the most common seasonal furnace maintenance task, since they typically need to be changed at least every 90 days. If you have smokers or family members with asthma and respiratory issues in your home, it’s best to change your air filters more frequently. If you notice a strong build-up in your air filters, it’s also essential to check your ductwork to ensure it isn’t harboring extra dust and causing issues for your air delivery system.
  • Removing Soot: The most common contaminant and byproduct from your furnace is soot. During your seasonal or annual furnace maintenance and tune-ups, we can help you remove soot and clean your furnace’s interior parts. When soot builds up in your furnace, it lowers your furnace’s heat capacity and fails to deliver proper heat to your home. Working extra hard for little heat dispensing, a faulty furnace filled with soot will likely cause a spike in your monthly heating bill.
  • Annual Heating Tune-Up: During your annual furnace tune-up, we will thoroughly inspect its internal parts, test your system’s efficiency, review maintenance records and monthly bills, and suggest the best products and methods to improve your furnace performance over the next year.
  • Minor HVAC Repair: Minor furnace and HVAC repair is also available during a furnace maintenance service. If we notice bad electrical connections, leaky gas, or low refrigerant, we will help you restore your system’s proper functions. However, major repairs or replacement services require extended timelines and must be scheduled, so we can create the proper tailored plan for your home.

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How Long Should My Heater Last?

The average home heater is built to last about 15-20 years, and after that time, homeowners should consider a replacement. As home heaters become more energy efficient, replacing older, failing units with new ones means a more consistent heating experience and money savings for the average homeowner. If you’re not sure how old your heater is or if you’re due for replacement, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning for an assessment.

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