Furnace Tune-Up in Columbia, MD

While your furnace can last up to three decades before breaking down, furnace maintenance and tune-up services are essential to help your unit get the most out of its lifespan. The trained HVAC technicians at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning are skilled in furnace maintenance, and we can help you complete a thorough inspection and furnace tune-up in Columbia, MD. Along with checking your furnace’s performance and efficiency, we will check ductwork and air quality

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Are you looking for a dependable furnace tune-up near Columbia, MD? The team of expert HVAC technicians at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning provides tested and true HVAC solutions to improve your air delivery system and indoor air quality. Call us today, at (410) 883-5767 or at (301) 835-2735 for your scheduled or emergency furnace services.

When Should You Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up Service?

While you should undergo seasonal furnace maintenance like filter changes, your furnace tune-up services are best scheduled annually. Since your furnace works its hardest during the cold winter season, it’s best to schedule your furnace tune-up in the late summer or early fall. This provides ample time for your furnace to reach its best condition before the cold months hit.

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Services For Furnace Tune-Up in Columbia, MD

Our services for an annual furnace tune-up in Columbia, MD, include the furnace tune-up service, a ductwork inspection, indoor air quality testing, a maintenance record review, minor HVAC repair tasks, and suggested furnace improvements from our trained professionals. Our furnace tune-up services help to keep any existing warranties intact by providing expert upgrades and help to keep your monthly heating expenses low and controlled.

  • Furnace Tune-Up Service: Our furnace tune-up service begins with a full inspection of your furnace’s external and internal components. We will determine if your furnace is performing sufficiently and efficiently. From there, we will recommend any repairs or improvements you can make to your furnace to help it operate better. During this service, we also test your ductwork and indoor air quality.
  • Spike in Energy Bill: A sudden increase in your heating bill could mean your heater is losing efficiency and ready to fail.
  • Ductwork Inspection: Our ductwork inspection in Columbia, MD helps to illuminate any leaky or inefficient sections. We will watch out for an accumulation of dust or moldy smells coming from your ductwork. Since your ductwork is your furnace’s main transportation system, delivering warm air throughout your home, it is vital to keep it clean and maintained, so your ducts continue to circulate clean air.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing: Our indoor air quality testing helps to highlight any irritants lurking in your indoor air. While it’s common to think of polluted air that exists outside, the air inside your home can be even dirtier. With indoor air quality testing, you can find out exactly what’s in the air inside your home, so we can help you implement the best plan to clean and correct it..
  • Reviewing Maintenance Records: Part of our furnace tune-up deals with checking your unit’s progress over the last year. By checking your maintenance records and monthly bills, we can monitor how your system responded to repairs and if it performed efficiently throughout the year. From these documents, we can help you target specific sections of your furnace system to help it always run its best.
  • Minor HVAC Repair: While it’s best to schedule major HVAC repairs, so we can develop a proper timeline for your services, we can complete minor HVAC repair tasks during your furnace tune-up. This includes tightening loose connections or replacing a belt. We also offer emergency HVAC repairs if you encounter an unexpected HVAC issue that is presenting immediate hazards in your home.

Suggesting Furnace Improvements

At the end of your furnace tune-up, we will recommend products and services that can handle your specific furnace issues. We can also help you develop a potential timeline and future maintenance schedule to help you plan for an upcoming furnace replacement.

Trust Buric Heating and Air Conditioning With Your Furnace Tune-Up in Columbia, MD

As the local and licensed professional heating and cooling company in Columbia, MD, Buric Heating and Air Conditioning is the Howard County community’s trusted source of HVAC help. Deemed the best contractor in Maryland by many of our returning customers, our keen attention to detail and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

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How Long Should My Heater Last?

The average home heater is built to last about 15-20 years, and after that time, homeowners should consider a replacement. As home heaters become more energy efficient, replacing older, failing units with new ones means a more consistent heating experience and money savings for the average homeowner. If you’re not sure how old your heater is or if you’re due for replacement, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning for an assessment.

Are you searching for a helpful furnace tune-up near you in Columbia, MD? The professional heating team at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning will complete your furnace repairs, installations, and maintenance safely and thoroughly. Call us today, at (410) 883-5767 or at (301) 835-2735 for scheduled or emergency furnace services.