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The last thing you want to do in the sweltering heat of summer is deal with an AC breakdown. When you and your home's cooling needs aren’t being met, it can lead to restless nights and frustration. Luckily Buric Heating & Air technicians are here for all of your emergency AC service needs. We provide quality air conditioning services in Frederick, MD that you can rely on even during the hottest of days.

Your AC unit deserves to be handled by highly trained, skilled, and passionate contractors, who are backed by a time-tested and trustworthy AC and HVAC company. Buric Heating & Air provides you with only the best in HVAC services in Frederick. With our licensed technicians having the ability to handle all of your air conditioning needs,  you and your family can beat the heat and enjoy a cool, and relaxing home.

With our AC services near you, you can sleep in the comfort of your cooled home knowing that your air conditioning needs are met. We strive to provide you with only the highest quality service when it comes to your AC service needs. Our expert HVAC technicians are capable of getting your air conditioning repair, installation, or tune-up done right the first time so that you have quality air and cooling for your home.

Have troubles with your air conditioner? Contact our professional HVAC technicians today, or call us. We’re here to help serve all of your air conditioning services needs in Frederick.

Your Friendly Air Conditioning Services in Frederick, MD

When it comes to finding the right heating and cooling company in Frederick, we’re here for all of your heating and air needs. Our passion is your comfort, and we share that passion with you and your home with every job we do no matter how large or small. From air conditioning repair, to air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups, our HVAC repair services and cooling services can help you maintain your home's cooling and heating needs.

We understand that AC units can cause frustration, stress, and headaches when not functioning properly. An air conditioning unit may be providing you with cool air, but not running as efficiently as it should. This can lead to you paying more on your energy bills to cool your home, and that adds up over the hot summer months.

Our certified HVAC technicians can help ensure that your AC unit is running at its maximum efficiency, saving you money on those monthly bills as well as providing you with all of your cooling needs. At Buric Heating & Air, our technicians are capable of servicing, installing, and maintaining a variety of AC units, helping them run efficiently and reliably so that your cooling needs are met.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Avoid the stress and hassle of faulty installations and call a company you can trust. We stand by our air conditioning installation services and ensure that your new or replacement unit is up and running smoothly in no time.

Faulty installation can cause damage to your AC unit either immediately, or overtime, as well as produce poor performance. That's why you must contact a certified expert you can trust when it comes to your air conditioning installation and replacement needs.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Air conditioning units are a large investment into the comfort of your home, so why wouldn’t you want to get the best performance out of it. By scheduling annual tune-ups twice a year, you can help keep that hefty investment running smoothly and efficiently.

Air conditioning units are recommended for tune-ups generally twice a year, once in the fall before winter, and once in spring before summer. Some manufacturers even require annual tune-ups or maintenance to maintain the AC unit's warranty, so make sure you schedule your annual tune-ups to get the most out of your air conditioner year-round.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

At some point, you’ll probably experience issues or breakdowns with your AC unit that are unforeseen and unavoidable. When this happens, call Buric Heating & Air for your air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair needs. 

We work across a variety of brands and systems and can help fix your unit all while keeping within the company's warranty guidelines. If you start to notice symptoms of your AC unit struggling, call us today to schedule your AC service. Common signs that your AC unit needs repairs and maintenance include:

  • The system is blowing warm instead of cool air
  • The thermostat stops working properly
  • Poor airflow coming from the vents
  • Strange odors when the AC unit is running
  • Your home feels muggy and humid
  • Your AC unit is constantly running
  • Freon or water leaks around the unit
  • You notice a steady rise in your monthly energy bill

If you need emergency AC services, contact our HVAC experts today, or call us to schedule your AC repair, tune-up, maintenance, or installation.

AC Filter Replacement

One of the most common problems homeowners run into when it comes to their air conditioning unit is the air filters. We always check and double-check your AC unit's air filter every time we service it. We want you to get the best performance possible out of your air conditioning, that’s why we perform AC filter replacement with every AC service we provide in Frederick.

Evaporator Coil Services

If you begin to notice things such as weak airflow, strange odors, or fluctuating temperatures throughout your home, your AC evaporator coil may be to blame. Evaporator coils help absorb the heat from inside your home, and with the help of the condenser coil, it processes a heat exchange to produce cool air.

Ductless Mini Splits

Not getting enough cooling in specific rooms at night? Consider a ductless mini-split for efficient and reliable cooling to specific rooms or zones within your home. The ductless mini split’s small size allows you to be more direct with where cool air circulates throughout your home. Giving you the ability to directly impact where, and when you want the most cooling power.

At Buric heating & Air, our HVAC technicians can get your ductless mini split set up just about anywhere in your home. Their small size gives them the ability to be installed in almost any room of your home. We guarantee that with our ductless mini-split services, your room, zone, and home will get efficient and reliable cooling.

UV Air Sanitizers

UV air sanitizers, also known as UV-C light, can help increase the quality of air that circulates throughout your home. By using short wave ultraviolet light, UV air sanitizers help reduce airborne pathogens and microorganisms in the air. Great for reducing things such as mold, bacteria, and airborne viruses, these air purifiers help increase the overall health and quality of air in your home.

If you’re sensitive or constantly suffer from things such as asthma or allergies, UV air sanitizers can help reduce your symptoms. After all, who wouldn’t want to breathe in healthier air when relaxing at home.

Trusted Air Conditioning Services Throughout Frederick, MD

The next time you need air conditioning services in Frederick, MD, trust your local, friendly, and professional HVAC experts at Buric Heating & Air to serve all of your heating and cooling needs. We’re proud to serve our community of Frederick with quality heating and cooling services that help keep you and your family comfortable within your home all year round.

Want to learn more about our air conditioning services in Frederick? Contact our expert technicians today, or give us a call. We look forward to helping you and your home with all of your heating and cooling needs!

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