Air Conditioning Service in Glenmont, MD

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Glenmont summers can be hot, and the humidity in the area can make it feel even more so. From May onwards, the temperature inside the home can become more uncomfortable, prompting homeowners to turn on their air conditioning for the first time. However, homeowners should be thinking about their AC and planning ahead before that day even arrives. At Buric Heating and Air, our goal is to provide quality air conditioning services year-round to our Glenmont customers.

Air Conditioning Services in Glenmont

At Buric we take care of AC repair and maintenance and we also specialize in installation and replacement. Our technicians know everything there is to know about air conditioning systems and they can be an essential resource for you as you decide which system to put in your home. Our heating and air conditioning family is passionate about integrity and will always give you our honest opinion. We want what is best for you and your home and we have your family in mind every step of the way.

Emergency AC Services

Unlike many service companies, we do not simply offer services during regular business hours. We know how important your comfort and safety are. At the first sign of an AC emergency, contact us and we will send a technician to your home as soon as possible.

There are certain situations that especially call for emergency services. While a slight drop in efficiency may be able to wait until later in the week, homeowners should watch out for signs of a major breakdown or for problems that could be a danger to the family or homes such as pools of water, other signs of leaking, a drastic drop in cooling, a frequently tripping breaker, or hissing noises. Contact our team as soon as you notice any of these or other worrying signs.

AC Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to repair and maintenance, you are in good hands with Buric Heating and Air. We have years of experience in diagnosing and repairing air conditioning systems, and we know exactly what your system needs to stay in good condition and keep cooling your home for years. Our repair services are honest and trustworthy, and we always get the job done right the first time.

Every air conditioner has a limited lifespan, but our job is to extend the life of your AC and to save each of our customer's hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Because we believe in maintenance as the best way to care for your system, we created our membership plan for our valued Buric Heating and Air Conditioning families. This plan includes yearly tune-ups as well as discounts and priority service for a small monthly fee.

AC Installation and Replacement

Even the best-maintained air conditioners will eventually reach the end of their lifespan. Once the cost of repair begins to exceed the cost of investing in a new AC, it is probably time to begin the process. We will help you every step of the way from deciding on which system best fits your home, to installation, to routine maintenance. After installing your brand new system, you can expect your energy bills to decrease and your home to be cooled more evenly. You may even begin to notice cleaner air. We can also install humidifiers that connect to your central air and control the humidity level.

If you are lucky enough to own property in the beautiful Glenmont area, you want to protect your assets as much as possible. A big part of this is keeping your AC on your mind even before the hot summer months arrive. At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we are here to take care of all of your routine maintenance needs, and we will also be here when the time comes to repair or replace your system. Contact us today for more information about our AC services.

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