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Heat Pump Service in Ellicott City, MD

During the summer a heat pump works much like an air conditioner, absorbing heat from inside a home and releasing it outside. During the winter, however, the cycle can be reversed, to extract heat from outside and bring it in. This makes heat pumps a relatively efficient way to both heat and cool a home in the Ellicott City area.

Regular care and maintenance helps to keep a heat pump running properly and efficiently, and our team at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning are there to help. We provide heat pump maintenance and repair services in the Ellicott City area, as well as system replacements and new installations. When your what pump breaks, you can count on us for quick and effective heat pump repairs.

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Heat Pump Repair in Ellicott City

When you have a heat pump problem, our heat pump experts at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning can find the cause quickly and offer affordable, reliable solutions that will work well within your budget. Some of the common signs that you may have a problem with your heat pump system include:

  • Odd noises or odors
  • Poor heating or cooling performance
  • Abnormal air flow or temperature
  • Startup problems
  • Ice accumulation on the coils
  • Breakers that trip frequently
  • Hissing noises near refrigerant lines
  • Tripped overheat or pressure switches

If you notice any of these symptoms, have our heat pump experts inspect your system as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

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Heat Pump Maintenance in the Howard County Area

Routine maintenance can help to keep your heat pump system operating properly, while avoiding unnecessary repairs in the future. Typical maintenance for a heat pump includes:

  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Cleaning the air handler and blower fan assembly
  • Lubricating blower motor bearings and pulleys
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Inspecting the electrical system
  • Testing the thermostat for proper settings and function

At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning we can keep you heat pump running efficiently with our “Start & Check” maintenance program, as well as our “Buric Club” preplanned maintenance agreement.

To learn more about our maintenance options, contact us today.

Heat Pump Replacement in the Ellicott City Area

Once a heat pump is over 10 or 15 years old, its remaining lifespan is limited. Replacement may become the most cost-effective solution if other issues exist, such as:

  • Poor heating or cooling performance
  • Excessive energy usage or utility costs
  • Frequent repairs or maintenance are required
  • Major system problems exist, such as coil leaks or blower motor failure

When you are ready to replace your heat pump, our experts at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning can help find the right system for your home and provide a professional, reliable installation.

To discuss your replacement options, contact us today!

Howard County Heat Pump Installations

At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we also provide heat pump installations for new buildings or additions, and our process includes:

  • Load calculations and sizing
  • System selection
  • Installation of condenser, evaporator, air handler, refrigerant lines, and electrical cables
  • Installation of air ducts, thermostat and accessories
  • Charging and testing the system

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From routine maintenance, to repairs and installation, our team at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning can handle all your heat pump needs.

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