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For homes in and around Ellicott City, having a functioning furnace is critical, especially during the winter months. If your old furnace is wreaking havoc on your home, and failing to keep you and your family warm, then it may be time for a furnace replacement. If you plan on installing a new furnace however, you should always get professional services. At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning we take the guesswork out of furnace installations, and use our years of experience to perform a quality job.

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Professional Furnace Installation

If you find that it’s time for furnace replacement, then the first thing you should do is hire a professional. When you work with a furnace installation company like us at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, you can expect quality solutions that are performed to factory standards. What does this mean?

It means inspecting your home and finding the perfect furnace to accommodate your budget, and also the needs of your home. You want to install a furnace that will last for years to come, and have the actual capacity to heat your entire property.

Once the selection process is complete, getting the unit installed according to manufacturer specifications is critical to having a system that works properly. This includes any wiring or connections that need to be made to properly ventilate your home.

At Buric we offer free estimates on system replacement, which can be a great way to work within your budget and needs.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Furnace

Before you call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning for furnace installation, do you know why you need the service? How can you tell that heating replacement is a better option for you than furnace repairs?

Here are a few things to look out for that will tell you it's time for heating installation or replacement:

  • Age - If your furnace is more than 15 years old, you'll notice it may start to give you problems more frequently.
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger - This is a serious problem that can lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.
  • Loss of Efficiency - If your heater isn't running as efficiently as it used to, chances are it'll only get worse.
  • Rise in Utility Bills - An inefficient furnace can cause your heating bill to go up.
  • Multiple Repairs - An old furnace that keeps breaking down will end up costing you more than a new one would.

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5 Benefits of Furnace Replacement

While purchasing a new furnace may seem like a big deal, there are some great benefits that make it the perfect choice for just about every homeowner. These include:

  • Energy Efficiency: While installing a new furnace will take a high initial cost, you can save greatly in the long run thanks to energy efficient systems. These new furnaces cost a fraction of the price to operate and can even keep your utility bills down in the winter season.
  • Increase Home Value: Whether you plan on selling or not, installing a new furnace in your home can be a great selling point. This is particularly important for homeowners looking to refinance based on property equity.
  • Improved Air Quality: As furnaces get older, they can release impurities into the air that are circulated in your home. Newer furnaces are not only cleaner, but also they sometimes come with improved filtration, which can help improve the air quality.
  • Quiet Operation: If one of the reasons you replaced your furnace was because of its noisy operation, then you will be able to enjoy your home once again with a new, and quieter furnace.
  • Better Airflow: Once your furnace is on its last legs, it may inhibit the units ability to distribute air throughout your home. This can translate into cold spots, which will be eradicated with a new high-flow furnace installed.

To enjoy these benefits, and much more, contact Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, your Ellicott City furnace installation specialists. We make the entire process easy, and can even offer a free estimate on your new installation project.

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