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Make Bad Air Quality "Bite The Dust"

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Spring is a wonderful time of year. The weather is warmer, and the snow is leaving or gone. But with this nicer weather comes another problem – the problem of allergies.

There’s so much dust, allergens, and pollen in the air, which often times come into the home because many homeowners eagerly open up their windows and doors to let the fresh air in after the cold winter weather.

This lets the pollen and other irritants into the home that can cause poor indoor air quality. This is a problem for many people who already have health issues, but luckily, you can do something about it!

Ways Air Quality Can Affect Your Health

If the air quality in your home isn’t the best, you are going to notice that you and your family may suffer through a lot of health issues. This can include symptoms like:

  • healthissuesRed and watery eyes
  • Trouble breathing
  • Problems with asthma
  • Cardiovascular and heart problems
  • Throat and nose irritation
  • New respiratory problems
  • Existing health problems aggravated
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Cognitive problems

As you can see, there are many issues that can be caused by poor air quality. These issues can be even made worse if someone in the home smokes.

The Importance of Changing Your Air Filter

airfilterOne of the biggest duties that an air filter performs is to trap things like dust and allergens so that it doesn’t get into your air.

But in order to do this effectively, it has to be changed on a regular basis.

Below are some general averages for when an air filter should be changed:

  • Single occupant or vacation home without allergies or pets: Every 6 to 12 months.
  • A typical home in the suburbs without any pets: Every 3 months.
  • One cat or dog – Every two months.
  • Multiple pets or people with allergies in the home: Every 20 to 45 days.

How Clean Air Improves Your Life

Once you’ve replaced your air filter, you’re going to notice a huge difference in the way that you feel.


It’s not going to happen overnight, but as time goes by you’re going to notice the following benefits for you and your family.

  • Easier breathing.
  • Reduction in allergy symptoms.
  • Better night’s sleep.
  • More energy.

Along with the benefits above, you also may notice that your energy bill is going down. This is because a clean filter will make your HVAC system run a lot easier than a dirty one, cutting down on excess runtime and also protecting your air conditioner from damaging wear and tear.

The last thing that you want to do is keep the windows closed after the winter. So enjoy the warmer weather and invite the warm, beautiful breezes of spring to come into your home without worrying about it affecting your health.

Need some help? At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we are experienced with helping customers to have the best air quality possible. With good air quality services from Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, bad air quality is going to bite the dust and so will allergy symptoms!