Air Conditioning Service in Takoma Park, MD

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While Takoma Park summers are generally comfortable and filled with sunny days instead of oppressive heat, it can still get remarkably hot and humid during the warmest part of the summer. Keeping your home’s air conditioning services is an important part of controlling both the temperature and the humidity of the indoor air so that your family can feel comfortable and healthy all summer long.

The best way to keep your air conditioner in good condition is to find a company that is dedicated, not only to excellent air conditioning services but also to the welfare and quality of life of your family. At Buric Heating and Air, this is exactly what our team of technicians and customer service representatives is committed to. Our standard of work for our Takoma Park customers is unrivaled, and we are passionate about making the lives of our customers better.

Air Conditioning Services in Takoma Park

There are many ways to cool your Takoma Park home, and we have years of experience in repairing, installing and maintaining all different types of systems. Whether you have central air or a ductless system, we can troubleshoot any problem and have your system working as efficiently as the day it was installed. Here are some of the services we offer in the Takoma Park area.

Emergency AC Services

Anyone who has tried to brave a hot Takoma Park summer night without air conditioning knows that a breakdown is a need that can’t always wait until Monday morning. Additionally, our customers who work full time don’t always have the freedom to meet our technician at their home during regular business hours. That is why it is an essential part of our services to offer 24/7 air conditioning repair. Night or day, we are here to serve your family and make you comfortable even on the warmest summer days.

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

While we are experts in air conditioner repair and can repair any system with a high level of professionalism and excellence, we truly believe that adequate maintenance is the best path to a long-lasting, affordable, and efficient air conditioning system. This is why we emphasize our maintenance services for homes in the Takoma Park area.

We highly recommend having a tune-up performed at least once a year on your air conditioner, and we offer membership plans starting at $20 per month to make this easy. When your air conditioner does need a repair, however, we will be there to fix it quickly and we back every job with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

If you are in the process of shopping for a new air conditioner, talking to our family at Buric Heating and Air is a great way to finalize that decision. We know what a big step it is to replace your AC, and we are here to make that journey as painless as possible. We believe that investing in a new air conditioner should be an exciting process, and you will enjoy many benefits as a result of your upgrade. New air conditioners, with the right maintenance, will last longer than your old one, save you money every month in energy costs, and may drastically improve your indoor air quality by filtering the air and keeping the humidity at a comfortable level.

At Buric Heating and Air, we are excited to be the company that our Takoma Park customers turn to for their air conditioning needs. Whether you are thinking of investing in a new mini-split ductless AC system, or you would like to schedule a tune-up for your existing system, we are ready to help you. Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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