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Why "Do It Yourself" Furnace Repairs Are Always a Bad Idea

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Furnace Repair: Leave it to the Pros

There is a lot of pride that can come from owning and maintaining a home or business. Many tasks can be completed by handy owners themselves. Changing air filters, for example, is an easy DIY task that owners can do to maintain their HVAC and furnace systems. Some jobs, though, require a licensed and trained professional.

Furnace repair is one of those jobs. Knowing when to call in the pros and not risk a DIY is an important skill in and of itself. DIY furnace repair is not something that should be attempted, for multiple reasons. Read on to find out why this is one area of home maintenance that should be left to the professionals.

Safety & Insurance for Peace of Mind

When a professional comes to your home or business, they are covered by their business’s insurance. This means that if they are injured while on your property making the repair, you (as the property owner) do not have to pay for the damages, medical bills, or other associated expenses.

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Alternatively, if you try to DIY the repair (or use somebody else who is not insured) and an injury occurs, you (as the property owner) will be responsible for ALL of it. That is a huge risk to take, especially when you factor in that furnaces are not easy systems to work on.

Injuries are very likely for those not specifically trained to work on them. Safety and HVAC insurance are part of what you pay for when you hire a professional, and those two things are well worth the peace of mind.

Is DIY Really a Quick Solution?

quick solutionDoing the furnace repairs yourself may seem like the quickest way to get your furnace back up and running, but is it really? Here is everything that will go into this ‘quick solution’:

  • Researching the problem to diagnose what needs repair.
  • Doing more research to learn how to do the repair.
  • Traveling to the home improvement store to buy the necessary tools.
  • Attempting the repair.

And then repeat until you finally get it right. Even assuming everything does go well on the first try, that is still at least a full day’s work--and completely uninsured, remember.

You could have just called a professional to come out with their knowledge, tools, and insurance, and still have time to run a few of your own errands, too. Which way actually seems like the quick solution here?

Get a Diagnosis on the Whole System

Most DIY solutions that are capable of being performed by non-professionals are temporary fixes to long-term problems. While you might be able to fix a symptom on your own, you won’t be able to repair the underlying problem--meaning, it will likely just come back again.

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A professional will be able to assess and diagnose the whole system and come up with a solution that not only resolves the issue at hand but also keeps it from coming back again. Hiring a professional instead of trying to DIY your furnace repair is just cleaner, quicker, and safer.

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