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Boiler Repair in Chevy Chase, MD

Home heating and cooling systems were once considered a luxury. Today, we see them as essentials. That’s especially true when temperatures drop or soar to extremes. At those times, heating and air conditioning can help keep the temperatures inside our homes from doing the same. Of course, when winter rolls around, keeping the heat going is a primary concern. 

Are you looking for a dependable boiler repair company up near Chevy Chase, MD? The team of expert HVAC technicians at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning provides tested and true HVAC solutions to improve your furnace. Call us today, at (410) 883-5767 or at (301) 835-2735 for your scheduled or emergency furnace services.

Boiler Repair in Chevy Chase, MD: Keeping Your Home Warm and Cozy

At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we know how important it is to have a comfortable home. Our highly trained HVAC technicians are here to help make sure your boiler doesn’t let you down at the worst possible times. We’re here to handle all your boiler repairs near Chevy Chase. When you contact us for help, you’ll be in the best hands. 

Do I Need Boiler Repairs?

When you start asking if it’s time for boiler repairs, the answer is probably yes. That means you’re questioning whether your heating system is working as well as it could be. If you think it’s not, it’s best to have us take a look to be sure. Still, certain warning signs can let you know if the time has come to call for professional help.

Boiler Leaks

Leaks are among the most obvious signs that it’s time to schedule boiler repair services. If water is leaking from your boiler, even if it’s only a minor, occasional drip, that needs to be resolved right away. Leaks tend to get worse over time, and they can cause major damage to your home as well as your heating system. 

Odd Smells

Having odd smells coming from the boiler could also be an indication that something is wrong. Those could include musty odors coming from the boiler or its storage tanks. If your boiler runs on gas, an odor of rotten eggs could be a warning sign of danger. Strange odors may not seem like a big deal, but they definitely shouldn’t be ignored. 

Inadequate Heat or Hot Water

If your boiler isn’t heating your home or water as well as it once did, that’s another clear indication that repairs are in order. No matter how cold it is outside or how much hot water your family is using, the boiler should serve you as well as it did in the beginning. Don’t assume it’s your imagination; contact us for assistance.

Higher Heating Costs

Higher heating costs could also be a sign that a boiler needs professional attention. It probably means that the boiler isn’t working as efficiently as it once did. That, in turn, is a sign that something is wrong with the heating system. A tune-up or boiler repair near you could be all it takes to resolve the problem.

Is It Time for New Boiler Installation?

As certified HVAC technicians, we can resolve many of the problems our customers face with their boilers. Sometimes, though, heating systems are simply beyond repair. If you notice any of the previously mentioned warning signs, we’ll do everything in our power to fix them. In the event your boiler seems to cost more to keep running than it did before or it’s more than 15 years old, boiler replacement may be the better option.

Which Type of Boiler Is Right for You?

If the time has come to replace your old boiler, several options are at your disposal. Boilers are available in natural gas, oil, and electric versions to name a few. At the same time, there are three distinct types of boilers to choose from. 

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers serve dual purposes. They heat your home while also providing hot water. They take up less space than their conventional counterparts, and they eliminate the need for a separate water heater.

System Boilers

In terms of design, system boilers are similar to combination boilers. They don’t take up as much space as other versions, which can certainly be a bonus. They can provide hot water, too. These are generally the better choice for large homes and households that need large volumes of hot water. 

Traditional Boilers

Traditional boilers are basic units. They heat homes but don’t provide hot water for bathing, laundry, and other needs. Though they don’t serve dual purposes, they still offer the advantages of efficient, effective heating. 

Your Source for Expert Boiler Repair in Chevy Chase, MD

Buric Heating and Air Conditioning is your local source for expert boiler repair services. We’re committed to keeping our clients’ homes warm and comfortable while not taking a toll on their budgets. Contact us . Call us today at (410) 883-5767 or at (301) 835-2735 for boiler repair in Chevy Chase, MD, and let us show you what makes us different from all the rest. 

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