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The safety and reliability of your heater begin with a service call this season from Buric Heating and Air Conditioning. Our trained and professional technicians will inspect, repair, or replace your heater for dependable heating all winter long. Call us for a tune-up this fall and stay ahead of any repair or replacement needs before the cold weather hits town. Learn more about our heating services in Cloverly below.

Furnace Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Services

To maintain optimal efficiency and reliability of your furnace, schedule a yearly tune-up with Buric Heating and Air professionals today. Without regular maintenance, your furnace will most likely need an expensive repair or replacement before reaching the end of its full lifespan. During the tune-up, our expert technicians will spot and fix repair needs that may cause an untimely breakdown. They will also clean, lubricate, and inspect various internal parts to make sure they are functioning as efficiently as possible.

When you turn on your furnace for the first time this fall, pay close attention to any red flags warning you about a potential repair need. While a tune-up can help maintain an already well-functioning furnace, a poorly functioning one may need repair service instead. Call us for furnace repair if you notice any of the following signs with your furnace:

  • The furnace makes loud or concerning noises when running.
  • There are bad smells coming from the vents.
  • Your furnace can’t seem to keep your home warm, even after running all day.
  • Your energy bills are higher than normal.
  • Air flow is poor or non-existent from the vents.
  • Unit simply won’t turn on, even after double-checking the thermostat settings and power to the unit.
  • A carbon monoxide leak has been detected or suspected.

If caught soon enough, a simple repair can remedy many of these functional issues. Sometimes, a furnace is beyond repair or the repair is too costly to consider. The replacement may be a better course of action if the furnace is over 15 years old, has developed a carbon monoxide leak, or struggles to supply your home with enough heat on a regular basis.

Our professional experts can guide you through options that best fit your needs and home. Call us for a quote on furnace replacement today to enjoy the benefits of dependable heating all winter long.

Service on Other Heating Appliances

Besides furnaces, the experts at Buric can also service your heat pump, boiler, or other heating appliances. For a tune-up maintenance check, repair, installation, or replacement on your heater, you can rely on Buric technicians to fully serve your heating needs.

You can help keep your home safe this winter with professional maintenance on your heating appliances with Buric. Regular upkeep on internal mechanical parts and gas burners can help prevent accidental fires and carbon monoxide leaks from putting you at risk when running your heater. For maximum safety measures, install a carbon monoxide detector near your gas-powered heating appliance, or have your current one tested for dependability. This simple installation could end up saving your life.

Emergency Heater Repair in Cloverly

Carbon monoxide leaks are emergencies that should be immediately handled by professionals. Leave your home and call an expert right away.

Other heating emergencies may also need to be addressed right away, regardless of when business hours resume. If your heater has suddenly stopped working in the middle of adverse weather, don’t hesitate to call Buric as soon as possible. Our technicians are always ready to attend to an emergency heating call so you don’t have to needlessly suffer in a cold home.

If you notice any warning signs with your heater, don’t wait until it’s an emergency to give us a call. Enjoy continuous heating all winter long by having your heater promptly repaired at the first sign of trouble.

Call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today for 24 hours Heating Service in Cloverly! Our friendly yet professional staff is ready to answer all your questions at (410) 480-0394.