Air Conditioning Installation in Columbia, MD

If you’re in the Columbia, MD area and need reliable AC installation and replacement services, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today and find out what it’s like to be treated like family!

Buric Heating and Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Installation Services in Columbia, MD

Here at Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe in treating our customers like family, which is why the residents of Columbia, MD continue to rely on us when they need air conditioning installation and replacement and recommend us to their friends and neighbors. Call us today for an appointment and put our over 25 years of experience to work!

If you’ve never maintained your air conditioner, check out our AC repair page for maintenance tips and call us for help.

When It’s Time for a New AC Installation

Eventually, you’ll need a new AC unit for your home. The average system lasts between 10-15 years and then it’s cheaper and better for you to get a new unit. Here are the telltale signs it’s time to shop for a new AC installation.

  • Your air conditioner is making strange noises like squealing or grinding
  • Your air quality is poor; you have mold and mildew buildup
  • The temperatures between rooms are inconsistent
  • The air conditioner short cycles
  • Your air conditioner is over 15 years old

If you’re unsure about the state of your air conditioner, call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today and for an appointment.

Repair vs. Replace

Since an air conditioning replacement is a big, expensive job, most of us would rather pay for a repair to save time and money. However, sometimes getting a new unit makes more financial sense, and here’s how to know.

  • If the repairs cost 50% or more than the cost of a new unit, get a new one
  • If you’re spending money more frequently on repairs, a new, more reliable unit makes more sense
  • If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, getting a new one is better
  • If your energy bills are rising, it’s better to get a new, high efficiency system that’s cheaper to run

Call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today and let us assess your system and tell you whether it’s better to repair or replace it.

Think you can’t get a cool home without ductwork? Think again and check out our ductless mini split AC systems.

What to Do to Maintain Your AC

If you’re worried about the cost of an AC installation and replacement, there are ways to extend the life of your current unit and ensure it operates efficiently year in and out. Here are five tips to keep your AC running smoothly.

  • Change your filters every month
  • Inspect the condensate drain for clogs
  • Check for damaged and bent fins
  • Clean your condenser coils
  • Schedule a professional maintenance call with an AC contractor

When your AC is acting more like a heater, it’s time to call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning in the Columbia, MD area for AC heating installation and replacement services. Call now at 410-480-0394.