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Here in Columbia, MD, we know how unbearable it can get in the summer, which is why you need an AC unit you and your family can rely on. At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, our experts quickly diagnose your AC problem and fix it quickly so you and your family can live in the comfort you deserve. Call us today to find out more.

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Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is a major appliance that works overtime during the summer to keep you and your family comfortable. Because it works so hard, it’s important to give it a little TLC during the offseason to make sure it’s ready to go when you need it most and to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here are five tips to maintain a healthy AC unit.

  • Keep your filters clean
  • Check your fins for bends and damage and repair if needed
  • Check the condensate drain and clear any blockage
  • Keep your condenser coils clean
  • Call an air conditioner repair company for regular maintenance

By scheduling professional maintenance at least once a year, you ensure your AC unit provides you years of dependable service and operates at maximum efficiency.

Do You Need AC Repair? Here’s How to Know for Sure

The average air conditioner lasts about 15 years and here are the signs telling you to think about a replacement or a repair.

  • The air conditioner makes squealing or grinding noises
  • You have inconsistent temperatures from room to room
  • The unit frequently cycles on and off
  • You have poor airflow throughout the house
  • You have no cold air

If your AC unit is old or not giving you the cold air you want, call an air conditioning maintenance and tune up services company today and ask for help.

Our ductless mini split AC systems are perfect for the home without ductwork.

When It’s Better to Replace Rather Than Repair Your AC Unit

A replacement AC unit is a big expense and most people would rather do minor repairs if they can. But sometimes, replacement is the better option, and here’s how to know.

  • Your AC unit is over 15 years old
  • Your AC unit is inefficient and costs you more to operate than would a new one
  • Your AC unit breaks down more frequently than before
  • The repairs for your AC unit are over 50% than the cost of a new one

If you’re still unsure what to do about your failing AC, call an air conditioning repair company and ask for an assessment.

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