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Signs You Should be Repairing Your Boiler

boiler repair in Ellicott City, MD

Your boiler is an essential part of your home. It keeps your house warm and your family safe and comfortable. 

In general, a boiler is one of the most reliable appliances within most homes. They have fewer moving parts than furnaces and heat pumps, which means maintenance is easier.

But even the best boilers will sometimes require repairing, and it is important to know when that time has come. Nipping the problem in the bud could be the difference between a small boiler repair or a large, costly one. 

Let’s look at some common signs you may need boiler repair and maintenance.

No Hot Water

If your boiler is not producing any hot water, or perhaps it is, but sporadically, there are a few likely causes. Your thermostat could have broken, and you could have a broken diaphragm or even a failed motor valve.

You may be wondering how to fix a boiler with no hot water. The above issues are problems that need to be serviced by a professional, so make sure to call a boiler repair company near you to resolve the issue.

Leaks and Drips

There should never be leakage around your broiler. If you notice any leaks coming from your boiler, it is a sign of a larger issue. Even a small drip could indicate a problem. The most common cause of leaks is a broken internal component. Pump seals and pressure valves are the most common parts that can break and cause leaks.

If you are wondering how to fix a boiler leak, and asking yourself “do plumbers fix boilers,” the answer is no. Do not call a plumber. A trained HVAC technician needs to deal with the problem. Due to the variety of parts and difficulty in reaching them, this isn't a repair you should do on your own.

Boiler Keeps Turning Off

You don’t want to get stuck with a boiler that constantly turns off. If you experience this problem, there are two likely causes. The first is low boiler pressure. You can attempt to re-pressurize your broiler on your own, but a professional will likely need to service the machine to fix the boiler pressure.

The second likely cause of the boiler turning off is a blockage causing low water pressure. A certified technician will need to inspect the boiler to find the root cause of the jam and remove it. Once these problems have been taken care of, your boiler will likely be back to normal.

If the system still doesn't work, it could be a broken boiler PCB board that needs replacing. These boards are the brains that keep the system running, and repairing boiler PCB boards is a job for the professionals.

Frozen Condensate Pipes

A common problem experienced with boilers is the freezing of the condensate pipes. This problem is seen quite often during the winter because the condensate pipes are located outside the home. 

These pipes carry old water out of the system and usually run outdoors where they are drained. If these pipes freeze, they could lock up the entire system.

You can sometimes fix frozen condensate pipes on your own. Try pouring boiling or hot water over the lines to thaw them out. Once that has been completed, reset your system and see if everything is working as normal. If the system still isn't working, contact a boiler repair company.

Radiators Not Heating

In a boiler system, radiators transfer the heat from the water into your home. If your system produces hot water, but your radiators are still not heating up, there is an issue with your radiators.

The most common cause of this issue is a build-up of sludge within the system. You can attempt to fix this yourself. You’ll need to adjust the valves to ensure the radiators get enough water and potentially bleed your radiators. Consult your manuals to ensure you are doing this the proper way. 

If you aren’t comfortable repairing your boiler, give a local boiler repair company a call. The fix should be simple and have your home warm in no time.

Loud Noises

If you have a boiler in your home, you know that some noise is normal. But if you ever hear any loud banging, screeching, or whirring noises, you need to call a professional. 

These noises could indicate a much larger problem and need to be resolved before causing more damage to your system.

Don’t try to diagnose these issues on your own. A trained technician has the knowledge and experience to know the problem and how to fix it.

Unexpectedly Large Power Bills

You should expect your power bill to go up in the winter. Heating systems tend to be some of the largest users of electricity, so the more you heat, the more energy you will use. However, if you see a spike in your power bill outside the norm, call a professional.

Your boiler may give you no other indication that there is a problem. Consulting with a boiler repair company will ensure your system is in running order.

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