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If you’re not comfortable in your home during the summer, your air conditioner could be to blame! Call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning today and ask about our AC services.

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There’s nothing worse during the hot summer months than to come home and try relaxing in a sweltering house. Whether you have an air conditioner that’s not working or no air conditioner, you and your family deserve a respite from the heat. At Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve been supplying highly-rated AC services for Columbia residents for years, and we can do the same for you too!

Our cooling solutions:

Have you considered a heat pump for your home? Check out our heat pump page and find out more!

Signs You Need an AC Contractor

Imagine coming home after a long, hot day at work to a home that feels like a sauna. Now imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep in that heat too. If this sounds like your home, it may be time to call an air conditioning contractor for help. Here are signs your AC unit is giving out.

  • Warm air instead of cold
  • Grinding or squealing sounds
  • Foul odors such as mildew or mold
  • AC frequently cycles on and off
  • Poor air flow

If you notice any of these or other issues with your AC unit, call an AC service company right away to get help.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner well maintained is key to ensuring it operates as needed and lasts a long time. Here are five things you can do to make sure your AC is ready to go once summer arrives.

  • Change your filter regularly
  • Clean the coils
  • Check fins for damage and straighten if needed
  • Make sure the condensate drain is free from blockage
  • Call an AC service company for regular maintenance

No ducts in your home? No problem! You can still get a cool relaxing home by checking out our ductless mini split AC systems.

Call Now!

When Columbia residents need an AC service company they can rely on, they call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians will assess your AC problems and advise you on whether you need an air conditioner repair or a full-on replacement. And, if you have no AC in your home now, our experts will find an affordable solution so you and your family can live in comfort the way you deserve.

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Don’t spend another sweaty minute in your home! Call Buric Heating and Air Conditioning when you need a dependable AC service company in the Columbia area. Call 410-480-0394.